Filming Wagner
by Ann Reddecliffe

Tuesday 8th August 2000 Page 2 of 8

When I got down onto the beach I saw that they were setting up at the north end off the beach in Waitakere Bay. They had never filmed in this part of the beach in the first 5 seasons of filming, so I assumed they were just setting up there and would film on the main beach when they were ready. So I made my big mistake and went for a walk along the beach to the south end where Callisto's cave is situated. When I was walking back I was picked up by security and told, again, that it was dangerous as they had planted explosives.
Bethells beach is divided in two parts by the Waitakere river that flows along the beach and cuts off Waitakere Bay from the rest of the beach. I managed to walk as far north as the river, but there was no way I was going to get across there with large security guards standing at my elbow. I was too far away to see clearly what was going on, there were some people dressed in brown waving swords around, but what they were doing was too far away to make out.
The security people wouldn't let me take photos and they would insist on talking all the time, so I couldn't even concentrate on what little I could make out. I did not really want to talk about cricket, Coronation Street (which I don't watch), the All Blacks, fishing, his children, Lord of the Rings, people he had guarded or any of the other topics of conversation I was subjected to. The standard line that all the Ren Pic security people told me was that they were filming a commercial, but they didn't know what the commercial was about, nor how long they would be filming as they were all hired for the day and didn't know anything. Telling porkies.
This wasn't working it was time for plan B.
Setting up in Waitakere Bay
Setting up in Waitakere Bay

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